• John Doe

    Surely, people are a curious breed. Personally I have been on numerous forums.

    • Susie Cuatro to John Doe

      That helps the author to figure out what other topics to write about and possibly what other products to create.

      • John Doe to Susie Cuatro

        First of all, let’s discuss a social proof aspect of commenting. It is just like how you see a ridiculously long line at the store. Does it attract your attention? Surely!

  • Tom Sparks

    Many people don’t realize, that leaving a comment – the act of a reader filling in the required fields – familiarizes readers with taking an action on the blog. Surely, that is the main aim of each blogger.

    • John Doe to Tom Sparks

      One more important thing is about bloggers. Reading through the post comments is the easiest way for him to understand what people need to know, what are they curious about.

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