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  • John Doe

    Having seen a thread with large number of responses, I usually read them all, “cos it seems to be something good”. That’s the same with blogs commenting.

  • Susie Cuatro

    Many people don’t realize, that leaving a comment – the act of a reader filling in the required fields – familiarizes readers with taking an action on the blog. Surely, that is the main aim of each blogger.

    • John Doe to Susie Cuatro

      The same works with blogs – a relatively large amount of comments sparks curiosity and grabs people’s attention.

      • Tom Sparks to John Doe

        Surely, people are a curious breed. Personally I have been on numerous forums.

      • Tom Sparks to John Doe

        This also makes it probable that they will present other actions, such as subscribing to an RSS feed, a newsletter, or even making a purchase of your products.

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